Which date can you easily remember? I believe that it is your first date, no matter how old you get. That time is not too difficult to recall, is it? Below are the points to help you look back on how your initial meeting was, and to be able to remember for later times.

Did you make mistakes in your initial meeting? The first impressions of men are no less important than women. Here is some advice for men. No matter what you do, you should not be late. The other person will assume that you are not responsible and are careless. Of course, you do not want to make a terrible impression to, do you? Flowers or candies are small suitable gifts in the first date, so did you give it to her? On the first date, you will meet a new girl and will not want to fail that opportunity. Ask the place where she would like to go to eat instead of you yourself deciding, because almost all females have no desire to be controlled. Another significant piece of advice is to pay for the first date. Although you support gender equality at all times, females will appreciate a big-hearted man who offers to pay. Sharing the bill is the intelligent solution in case she asks insistently to give. Finally, do not be boastful. It shows bad character when you talk so much about yourself. Be yourself, do not praise yourself, and you will get results out of your hope for the date to go well.

How about women? Below are tasks you should and should not do in the important date. However, we only focus on basic things to decrease nervous feelings the majority of women get on the first date. First, you should not show a lot of cleavage. You should choose graceful, elegant and womanly clothes. If male can not be late, neither can you. Maybe, it is too difficult to be on time because of finishing your make up, combing your hair, or looking at the mirror so many times. Please make a call to inform him if you will be late. Furthermore, do not pretend to be interested when you are not. If he talks about unexciting topics, you should let him know you do not feel comfortable and move to another topic that you both like. In addition, do not deprive yourself of food.  Be yourself. Like the way men were advised earlier, you should also not complain about anything. An extra thing is that you do not want to pay. You should not worry about paying the bill, because your date will tend to want pay, but do not think that and you do not want to give. Sharing half and half is the smart way on the first date, I think.

Biting your nails and wearing t-shirt with superman, Doraemon, or Tom and Jerry should be avoided because this is a serious date. Making calls, sending messages and looking at your watch regularly make the other person feel unwelcome and have awful thoughts, such you are not pleasant and are bored with her or him. Both men and women should avoid that type of behavior.

No matter how you spent the first date, you should pay attention to how the other reacts or feels so that you avoid those topics the next times. The suggestions above are useful in any type of date. Hope all of you have a happy date!

Be Quyen - 12TA

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