Nowadays, when the Internet is such a strong influence in our lives, blind dates are more and more familiar with everyone, especially the youth. Perhaps this change impacts not only the teenagers’ thoughts, but also their lives. A blind date is a kind of dating for couples who do not know each other before the date. Unlike other dates, a boy does not know the girl’s face or her character, and vice versa. Therefore, to attract someone’s love and their eyes in the first meeting, we need to know something about successful blind dating.

         First of all, I want to share with you some ways to have an awesome blind date. Today, there are many ways to make us become impressive in someone’s eyes. Nevertheless, I only want to share with you the two main ways that help you have an ideal blind date. As you know, our appearance is very important. When we have a date with someone, we should pay attention to our clothes and our shoes. They are not so colorful or modern, but simple. Moreover, you should focus on your face, because most people often pay attention to the face whenever they meet their date. “Is she beautiful? Or Does he have a round or long face?” and so forth. Therefore, we need to use make up and other methods to make us more beautiful. One more things that I want to share with you is your attitude. You should be polite and humble in front of your date.

Secondly, I want to mention about the advantages and disadvantages of blind dating. As you know, a blind date means you do not know many things about your date before. Therefore, this is a good opportunity for us to make a friend out of a stranger. Nevertheless, it is so easy for us to meet some evil people, because when we make a date, we are often only acquainted with them on the Internet, or introduced to by someone else. We really do not know clearly who they are, or maybe not even where they are from. Furthermore, when we meet someone in the first sight, it is easy for us to learn from more about that person. For instance, we can know clearly about their address or their phone numbers to keep contract with them in a long time. It means that you will have a new friend from your blind date. Besides, you can find the love of your life easily. Certainly, some boys or some girls will find the love of their life from this date.

In conclusion, blind dating is so interesting. However, we need to learn about it clearly so that we can find out its true benefits. Generally, in our life, each person has someone to go on a date with. Maybe they are the person that we have already known, or maybe they are strangers to us. Therefore, we should try to make or keep a perfect date with a new friend. I wish all of you would have an ideal and impressive date in your life.      

Kim Tuyet - 11AV

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