Nothing is as beautiful and romantic as love.
It often begins with greetings, leading to to agreeably chatting together. And a first date will mark to the start of the relationship.
This is a good occasion for two people to show their feelings towards each other. Not all dates are successful. So, everyone needs to prepare themselves for their date.

Here are some ideas I think you may find helpful:

The first thing is the location of the date. It is best to have a bright, cool and comfortable space. It is up to your partner though. A café would be the best place for the couple that loves a romantic atmosphere. A cup of hot coffee with milk, along with a piece of music, would bring couples closer and closer. If you prefer a quiet or private place, you should go to a park or along the riverbank. There is no one there but you two, what else could be more perfect?

Clothing is also very important because it will make us attractive to our partner. You should dress cleanly, and maybe with a little bit of color. You will look formal and professional. Maybe a skirt for a girl would be a good also be a good match for a man who likes sports. You will look active, lively lovely as well.

The way to talk to your partner is the main key for a successful date. Never let the time flow quietly, because that will become boring, especially on the first date.  Some jokes should be made. Your partner will appreciate your jokes because “oh… he has a great sense of humor” or “she is so cute and interesting”. Then, there will be some other dates. ^^

Everyone has a dating style. What is yours?

Hope everyone will enjoy his or her love with wonderful dates.

Phần Lan - 13SH

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