Crystal methamphetamine (Crystal meth) is one of the most dangerous drugs. It is not extracted from plants like cocaine, but is made from chemicals. It can be used in either crystal or powder form. It can be made at home in makeshift laboratories. This drug first appeared many years ago, but it has only recently become used on a much wider scale. It is cheap, easy to make, and highly addictive. It is popular among club and partygoers, and has also seen widespread use in rural areas.

Meth has become a more commonly used drug for a few reasons. Meth is easy to make. Meth users cannot only buy the drug cheaply, but also make have the option of making the drug at home. They can create home labs and then cook the ingredients into crystal meth. Besides, the major component for making meth is “Sudafed”, which is a common chemical substance found in many cold medicines. Its chemical name is Pseudoephedrine. It used to be legal to buy cold medicines with this ingredient at pharmacies without having a doctor’s prescription. However, because of the serious impacts of meth on people, the government has created laws to restrict “Sudafed” from being sold freely. The restrictions on this main ingredient have not stopped meth production; the number of meth users is increasing every single year in the U.S.

Meth has a powerful effect on users. There are several ways to use meth. It can be ingested, injected, snorted, or smoked – smoking meth is the most common way to use the drug. It is unscented, and dissolves easily in water and alcohol. Unlike the short-term effects of cocaine or heroin, meth can last from 6 to 10 hours, and has a strong influence on the users’ mind. It can make users feel full of energy and exhilarated. This is one reason why club and partygoers have turned to meth in come cases. Some users, especially female ones, have found that using meth suppresses appetite.

People can become addicted to meth after using it just once. More seriously, they will want to increase their dosage after each use, because they want to maintain the euphoria they felt the first time they used. Meth causes many physical as well as mental damages. After the false wonderful feeling that meth brings, the users will be exhausted, depressed, and aggressive  once the drug has worn off. Other effects may be insomnia, misperceptions, nervousness, and convulsions. The addicts may be killed by strokes if they overdose. Meth addicts’ appearances are changed noticeably after 2 to 3 years using meth. They become older looking quickly, and lack physical vitality. “Meth mouth” is the most common physical consequence. Meth destroys gums and teeth. The users’ teeth become yellowed, cracked, and start to decay. Frequent meth use dries out the salivary gland in the mouth, so the mouth’s acids erode the teeth’s enamel as well as the gums. Any meth use can cause meth mouth; however, the users who snort and ingest meth are likely to have more serious meth mouth than the ones who smoke or inject. Additionally, meth does not affect only on the users but also on the environment where the users live.  Meth can be made fairly easily at home, but the substances that are mixed to make meth are volatile, and when not mixed correctly, there are explosive chemical reactions. As a result, many meth lab explosions have occurred, threatening those who live nearby. Meth production is also harmful to the environment, because, “for every pound of methamphetamine created, between 5 to 7 pounds of toxic waste is left behind”.

Meth was first manufactured in the U.S. in Hawaii in 1960s. Meth has gradually become popular for any age, especially among 18 to 23 year olds. This age of users makes up 35% of the total meth users. 24% of meth users are under 18. The percentage of 24 to 30 year old users is 19% . And 13% of users are between 31 and 40 years old. The age of users is getting younger and younger. A survey on Drug Use and Health in 2005 in the U.S. showed that over 10.4 million 12-year-olds people had tried crystal meth at least once in their lives. The price of meth varies depending on the region and quality of the drug. In general, users can buy one-gram of meth for 100 USD. Meth is domestically produced, but also imported.

There are two divergent opinions for treating meth addicts. Some people want to imprison addicts while the others want to help them. The ones who support the first opinion – incarcerating the addicts – consider that drug addicts usually associate with crime. The government should have strict laws to punish the addicts and put them into jail for preventing crimes. On the other hand, there is a strong wave of support for addicts. If society does not assist the addicts to get back to the normal life, but jails them instead, most are likely to use drugs soon after leaving prison. They need help to stop. The temptation of drugs is really high, and if assistance is provided for addicts, they will never find a way to safely and effectively stop using meth. The government has also eased the law for addicts who are caught in possession of the by helping them with treatment rather than putting them into prison. Many organizations have programs to help addicts to get out of the cycle of using and selling drugs – going to jail – getting out of jail – being homeless – getting re-addicted and continuing to sell drugs. Imprisoning addicts will cost lots of money; court system fees, increased law enforcement, jail time, emergency health care, and houses for the addicts when they are released from jail. Instead of spending huge amounts of money on these costs, the government should focus on the real problem: finding out effective ways to prevent meth use and subsequent addiction. When addicts receive benefits from treatment facilities, they can overcome meth addiction totally, adapt with society once again, and contribute positively to society.

“Do not do drugs, not even once” is always the slogan for everyone in society. People, especially 18 to 23 year olds –are more likely to try using meth and should be thoroughly informed about the perils of meth use.  Family is the most important factor preventing children from using drugs. Parents are supposed to pay much attention to their children’s lives and have suitable methods to help them stay away from drugs such as meth. Teach them the right way and provide them with information about the dangers of drug use.

The government should have more policies to encourage addicts to detoxify from meth, and support them to make a new start in life. Everyone in society should be aware of the dangers of meth and other drugs. METH use is a gate opening to a miserable world.

Minh Nguyen_9D

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