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I love to use social networks. I have accounts on Facebook, Zing Me, TWO, etc. Out of all of these, I prefer to use Facebook. Facebook has become very popular with many people all over the world. However, using Facebook can bring us both advantages and disadvantages.

I like using Facebook for four main reasons. Firstly, I prefer to use Facebook to connect with my friends who are living in other countries. On Facebook, I will be able to know what they are doing and communicate with them. Secondly, I can share with my friends my activities, my emotions, pictures and some problem that I need advice about. There will be many ideas from my friends from the comments posted. Moreover, my friends and I can have a group chat when we cannot meet each other. The final benefit I get from Facebook is that I can upload some documents and share them with my friends, so Facebook can also help us with studying.

However, there are 3 main disadvantages of using Facebook. Firstly, I sometimes waste over 3 hours in a day, just surfing on Facebook. I used to be addicted to Facebook. During that time, I did almost nothing but check my Facebook and chat. Secondly, there are many spam messages appearing in the notification on my Facebook wall, which annoys me. In addition, there are so many friends on Facebook that I do not know. Sometimes, they can see what I write on my wall, and then comment with bad words. Facebook sometimes brings me troubles too.

To sum up, Facebook has its own benefits as well as drawbacks. It can help you connect with many people and bring you some interesting relationships. However, it can also waste your time if you use Facebook too much.  Therefore, we should try to use it suitably and beneficially and not become dependent on it too much.

Phan Lan _ 13SH

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