Nowadays, social network is a part of our lives. Though social media networks are a recent invention, they have become popular in a very short time. It is trending more than movies or fashion, and gives us some great opportunities. However, it also brings us a lot of disadvantages.

The advantages of using social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter are that it allows people to communicate with friends and family easily. For example, when we live far away from home, we can keep in touch with our families and friends without the need to pay phone bills, as social networks are free- it also allows us to share photos and video clips. When we upload photos or videos, our friends or family can see them and give comments immediately. By using social network sites we can easily make and continue connections, which can be very helpful to us in our lives. You can also make a group with close friends to share information or feelings when you do not want others to see them. Moreover, when we do not know something, we can ask, and many friends can help us answer in a short time so that we can get the best answer. We also learn English everyday whenever we have free time, because there are many good English websites for us to study. After hard studying, we can go online to chat with our friends, play games or watch films.

But aside from these advantages, social networks can brings us some bad things. Most of communication is done through a computer, so we are not developing the communication skills that we need throughout our lives.  We struggle to find the right language that is appropriate in certain social contexts, since we are used to simply typing messages online or texting.   It can also cause many young people to become more passive, because after studying they just sit in the front of a computer to chat or to play games instead of doing housework or playing outside with their friends. Some students neglect their studying because of addiction to social media. They do not want to do exercise, prepare for new lessons, and are even absent from school to play games or to read information about their idol- often famous singers or actors. One more disadvantage of social networks is that when we post so much information on these websites such as photos, anyone can have access to this personal information, and maybe use this information in a negative way.  It is very dangerous!!

In conclusion, everything has both advantages and disadvantages, including social networks. It is good or bad depending on the way we use it. In my own opinion, social network have more disadvantages than advantages, so we should be careful when using them.

Huỳnh Trang_12TA

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