I’m a Facebook’s member, and my nickname is “Andy Phung Nguyen”, please add me if you want me to become your friend. I highly appreciate this.
What is your definition of Facebook? Please write down your answer within 20 words, and then share with your friends. If you cannot do it now, let’s search in Google.com to know more about it. I think this is one good way to help you improve your English skills.

Now, welcome you to my acknowledgements. I would like to express my thanks for social networks in general and Facebook in particular.

Thank for SN has been doing many wonderful things for the world. Thanks Mr. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and founder of Facebook.  Thank for SN because they are great connectors in the world. They bring us everything we need in virtual life. Thanks for Facebook, because it is a wonderful website for expressing personal emotion and many people like sharing their thoughts.

Thanks to all SN sites that bring us more and more closer in this life.

On the way to the library, I suddenly have an idea about the definition of Facebook. “Facebook is the way to making connections with others through the style we like to do

In closing, may I borrow the statement of Emerson, and say “If we are related, we have through these pages, met”. Here you and I are connecting together through my writing at this moment.

Nguyen Van Phung_10TA

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