Social networks play an important role in our society. We can make friends in different nations, exchange cultures as well as customs, and communicate with our relatives and friends. Social networks have become more and more popular, especially with young people. They often use social networks to chat with their friends whenever they have free time. Some teenagers have said that they could not live without social networks. What would happen if social networks did not exists in our lives?

First of all, I want to mention about the history of social networks. In fact, social networks are the services to connect all of people that they have the same hobbies or the same things together. The first social network of the world was established in 1995 with the appearance of the page Classmate. The purpose of this page is to connect former classmates together. In 1997, Six degrees was founded to connect people with similar hobbies. Next, in 2002, Friendster became a new trend in the United States, with an enthusiastic response from many young people. In 2004, MySpace was created with some great functions such as embedded videos and music,  and it attracted millions of teenagers to join. Within a year, many Friendster members had moved to this new social network. MySpace became the first widespread social network, and News Corporation bought it with 580 million dollars. In 2006, the appearance of Facebook signaled a turning point for social networks. We can create our own page on Facebook and visit other pages of anyone that we like.        

Social networks are significant throughout the world, becoming more and more important for many people.  Perhaps without social networks, our lives will become more boring and we will lose solidarity among people. Moreover, we feel that we are living lonely in a small world by ourselves without interacting or contacting with many people in our world outside. It means that we do not have any friends to share as well as confide our emotions. Therefore, it impacts on our lives seriously. Our mental lives will be depressed and our physical lives will be delayed. Furthermore, besides maintaining the relationships among people, nowadays, social networks play an important role in job searches. Generally, when the employers want to recruit any person for their vacancy job, they will put their announcement or their advertisements in some pages of social networks. This makes it easier for us to find a good job that is suitable for us. Most recruiters check the backgrounds of employees to decide whether employees are suitable for the job or not. According to a new report by Microsoft Research, 91% of employers responded that they use social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn to learn more about their employees. It means that after they receive the curriculum vita ( CV) of employees, they will search the information of those in some social networks to see what is visible on their social network profiles.

            To sum up, social networks are necessary for people today. They help us connect with our friends as well as our relatives around the world. Besides, our lives will become more and more beautiful and our solidarity among people will increase if we use social networks. Furthermore, we can find out about job opportunities through social networks. In my opinion, I hope that billions of people all over the world will continue to connect through social networks.

Kim Tuyết_11AV

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