Zing Me is one of the biggest Vietnamese social networks. Zing Me was established in 2009 by VNG, and now it has more than 6.8 million members. Zing Me has been a great community for many Vietnamese, especially young people. This social network has advantages and disadvantages.

Zing me is a very interesting social network because of its applications. Zing Me offers a wide variety of tools and entertainment including songs, chats, games, MTV and blogs that can help members get in touch with other individuals despite distance and a lack of time. It’s very easy to create a Zing Me account. People who have their account on Zing Me can create and customize their own profiles with photos, videos, and other information about themselves. In addition, Zing Me is a great website which can help members search for old friends and connect to new friends. Concurrently, this application makes people feel comfortable when they communicate with strangers or take part in groups. The other cool thing is that members can read the profiles of other friend’s pages (called “Wall”) and comment on their posted status or write on the their wall’s friends. Besides, there are over 1 million songs in ZingMP3 for users to listen, and the songs on this site can be downloaded for free. The tool of Zing me is Zing Play. This is a collection of over 180 games, which has attracted millions of people. At present, advantages of this social network are increasing, and that is the reason why it has become a giant network in Viet Nam, which now has 6.8 million users.

However, Zing Me also has some disadvantages.  First of all, the biggest disadvantage of Zing Me is addiction. Zing Me brings bad effects on people who spend too much of their time on it, especially students. Bad results on student exams are an example. Another disadvantage is fake profiles. Although Zing Me has more and more members, a lot of profiles are fake. Member share their feelings and what is happening around in daily life but are less inclined to interact face to face with others. That can create a lot of social problems, especially fraud. Therefore, from the above statement it is clear that Zing Me can be dangerous for young people.

In my opinion, although Zing me has some disadvantages; this is a world of creative ideas. Interesting activities such as comment uploading photos; posting statuses, and writing blogs are really useful, because they help people relax. In fact, the public applications of Zing Me makes it simple for people to share their lives; whether educational, social, personal or professional, in a fun environment. I think that Zing Me will become stronger and stronger in the future.

Ngọc Nhân_10TA

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