Tonight is the same as the previous nights;I stay alone in this large room. It is so empty and cold, and it seems that everything lacks meaning without you. I cannot forget the hearty send-off and it makes me miss and love you more.

Life is a sequence of long days, yet any second, any minute, can be very important. Therefore, I take advantage of time to write down my feelings. My beloved wife Azra! I have done my duty fully.  I have nourished my son, and he is now grown. He has become a strong warrior and has become ready to go into the battle. He will fight with a heroic spirit, and is willing to sacrifice himself to protect our country. I love our son like loving you. He shares your characteristics. He is helpful, kind, and resilient. If you could see our son’s appearance, you would see that he really looks like both of us. His figure is similar to mine,  but his personality is more like yours. When you were buried in a peaceful place on Kabul hill to rest forever, I knew our son and I would have to begin a new life without you..

However, I have to be far away from our son because he fulfill military service. I do not want to think about fact.  It is so terrible, Azra! I really worry about his security so much. I am not as strong and courageous as my appearance. I lost you, who I loved more than life and I cannot lose our son . Do you know, Azra?  When I wake up every night, I imagine that you are lying next to me. I think that you are still present here, but I am wrong. You are only a figure in my mind. The pillow and quilting blanket are very wet because of my tears. I would like to hide my face in the darkness so our son can not see. Azra! When you passed away, no one waited for me to have dinner with every evening. No one slept with our child. “Who will build a cozy home with me?”  Azra! I do not want our son to know that and worry about me. I do not dare to blame God, or anyone. I only accept my fate with resignation, but I will never forget losing you because of war. It took you far away from me forever. I wonder “Who can tell me the reason why war still exist in the world?” “Who can tell me what the value of war is?” and “who can understand the pain of people in war?” There are many families that have lost their relatives forever because of war. Many people are still tormented by pangs of parting in war and go around forever in a circle of pain. Oh! War! Please stop war! Please take back people’s peace in this world. Azra! I love you and our child so much! I am waiting for war to be finished, and good things will come this world and people will not have to endure the pain of losing relatives because of war. In addition, our son will come back . Our son and I will visit your tomb everyday. If you are in paradise and can hear what I said, you would pray for good things for our son and me.

Tonight, I can sleep well, because I have sent you my confidences. I will try to live and work well because of our son. I know that living is to love and bring out happiness for life. I always remember you and our son in my mind and live as well as saying “ Thanks to life when waking up in early morning, we have another day to love”.

Văn Tú_11AV

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