“It is raining… Are you cold?”
His raucous voice, mixed with the sound of falling rain resonated through the phone. I stopped my work and looked outside the window of the coffee shop.
“No. It is sunny here and I am working”
“Sorry. I just… ”
“Hmm… Enjoy your romantic rain. See you”

In olden days…

You know, I can go home alone” - I winced at him when I saw him standing in the rain, waiting for me”

Well, just because… It’s slippery to walk in the rain, and you always fall ” – He smile warmly. 

Actually, I loved to walk in the rain with him. We played and sang many country songs on the way home. The road is long and slippery during the rainy season. By the time we returned home, we were always covered in mud from head to foot. I liked the smell of mud and the color of rice fields after the rain. I also liked his warmth.  It was really happy memories of our childhood.

When we grew up, we decided to pursue our own paths. I passed the entrance exam to university. At first, I chose English as my major, because it is my favorite subject and I wanted to become an English teacher so that I could teach children in my poor village; however, after two years of studying, my mind changed. I realized that I have lived in a small, poor village for many years. Life is short, and everyone should live life to the fullest! The world is large and I must catch a chance to fly! I must make the spotlight shine on my life!

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference - (The road not taken)

How I take the road less traveled?” – I asked myself.

 “Go to a place where people are positive

It’s the US!”

Taking a challenging way, a path not normally chosen is difficult for me, but I believe that I can do it. I tried my best to study, adapt to foreign customs and never miss any Western Holidays such as Halloween, Valentine’s, even Christmas, although I am Buddhist.

To reach my dream, I know that I have to forget my past.

Actually, forgetting the past is one of the most challenging things to do, but it can be done, I think.

You are making yourself crazy”,

He said when he saw how I have tried to change so many aspects of my life.

What’s wrong? I do what I like to do

Ut, go home…do not go changing old for new

Why? I’ve stayed at home for many years and I’ve had enough. Now I have a new home.

But our home is the only place in the world that can understand you!” He screams. 

I am sorry. But, no one enjoys the poor, slippery road and other terrible things in our tiny village!”

He looks at me with his blazing eyes:

Next year I’ll graduate, and then, I will make new roads with asphalt for you and for all people in our village!”

Do anything you like, my engineer, but, do nothing for me. You are always staying in my heart, but not in my life. I’m sorry, I have to go now”.

I hear his laugh behind me. When he laughs this way, I know he is sad deep inside.

It’s raining. I run fast on the street, saying to myself “A big girl must not cry

Sometimes, we have to give up.

It’s raining heavily. I run faster. “I am not a big girl”.

I miss the smell of mud and the color of rice fields after rain.

It’s raining heavily. I run faster, on and on. “I am just a little girl

I miss his warmth… the slippery road… the village…the houses…  How I can leave it to reach my bright future in a strange place? I’m a selfish girl!

It’s raining heavily. I fall. It hurts. I cry.

Ut! - He hugs me in his strong arms - Don’t cry. Let me take your road with you and learn together.  Remember, I’m still here.

“I cannot live without you and my village – My heart will be broken!”

It’s still raining. I know that you can't change who you really are. I stay here, being the best I can be, doing the best I can do, and living all my life for my country.

Ngọc Nhân_10TA

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