Young people today have different ways of thinking than the older generation. They are more open-minded. Also, they are more dynamic and creative. Their lifestyle is affected a lot by Western influences..

But young people today have a life of gross self-indulgence, with no responsibility. They always think that they are unique. Additionally, they attach much importance to personal preference without attention to other people's feelings. And one of the big problems today is "dating at university" this is a familiar problem to young people, particularly students.

It is true to say that young people are talented, intelligent and creative. Their thinking is more liberal, and it is not as traditional as the previous generation. It is really right when they approach new things and learn a lot from life. Conversely, it is also a scary threat.  Young people have gradually become different, without their own personality. And the inherent good nature of Vietnamese people is being lost. As we know, most students have boyfriends or girlfriends. It's visible when we enter the university every afternoon. The couple holds each other’s hands in the playground. They enjoy dating at University instead of choosing a teashop, a park, a playground or somewhere else. School is considered a pure and beautiful place. But it is difficult to understand “why the University campus has become an ideal place for students?” And no one can answer that question.  The proof is in the university where I was studying. Around 6 PM, I've encountered a few pairs of students on campus, chatting together. From 7 PM onwards, there are many couples on campus. I do not want to criticize anyone, but I have to share this problem, because I am a person who has moral principles. I never saw what they do at the university. I have just heard narratives from some friends, so I am not sure whether100% of it is true. Nobody can prohibit couples to date at University, and no one is right to do that. The important thing is the sense of personal responsibility. I do not know what you did. Please keep the pure beauty of school. Because these actions have made many people feel uncomfortable. Couples should find their own private place, rather than the university campus. Do not let their actions give the university a bad image . I know when writing these words that maybe a few people will hate me, but I'm not sorry.  If I am hated, our university can return to a pure place, as in previous times. Each person has his or her own thinking; some think they can do anything they want to do as long as it is not a concern to anyone else. But the fact is not simple as our thinking; there are many things that affect our environment. Therefore, we need to become more conscious people.

These are my thoughts. I do not expect everyone to sympathize with me; I just hope that all of us are more aware of our actions. Therefore, our school environment will become better.

Quỳnh Trân_11TA

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