If someone asked me how important friendship is, I would immediately answer it is invaluable. Truly, in this world, nothing can buy an honest and trustworthy friendship. Perhaps, when God created the human, he also gave mankind a divine and elevated present. That is the friendship. Certainly, everything created by God’s hands has its own meaning and the gift of friendship is no different. However, we still have not had an exact and absolute understanding of friendship so far because it is so abstract. Therefore, we need to discover that meaningful gift as well as understand more about its value.

First of all, I want to talk about the definition of friendship. As we know, friendship is something that is very abstract, so it is difficult for us to define exactly. Nevertheless, based on the relationship between humans and their experiences with reality, we can determine that friendship is the relationship between many people who have the same characteristics, personalities, and hobbies as well as the same ideas. Furthermore, friendship also offers us a person to confide in, share emotion with and help in study or work. Therefore, in our lives, it seems that no one can live happily without friendship. Perhaps, it is considered as a glue that connects each person together. Imagine how our lives would be if each person were an island in this society. It seems that they would feel bored, deserted and disappointed.

            On the other hand, why do I call friendship as an invaluable present from God? According to the Bible, when the God created humans, he only made a man named Adam first. However, after a short time, that man felt so lonely because he did not have any one to confide and share his emotions with. Therefore, that is the reason why God created the woman Eve to provide friendship and accompany during Adam’s life.

Similarly, in a student’s life, after saying “good bye” to our old and best friends in high school, they must enter a new life in the university or college. Certainly, everything is very strange, including our new friends. However, even though we have not known our new friends before, we can consider them an invaluable and precious gift from God. It is possible that because of these presents from God, we can study and help each other in school and in our daily lives. Although we are still strangers in some ways, after for a long time, we will know each other better and become best friends. In my experience, I remember when I was a freshman at An Giang University when everything felt strange during my first few weeks. After a while, I had many new friends in my classes and from  students with different majors as well. At that time, I did not know what they were like or whether they would be suitable friends for me or not. However, after we studied together for three years, I realized that my friendships with them were a great gift from God. Hence, I silently say “thank you” to him every night before I go to bed.

Because true friendship could be great impetus for everyone to overcome difficulties and hardship in their lives, they need to know how to treasure the friends they have.  

Kim Tuyet _ 11AV

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