Halloween becomes more popular every year. It is celebrated in many countries, especially in some countries like the United States of America and the United Kingdom. It is also known as All Hallows' Eve or All Saints' Eve held on October 31st every year. Whenever I think of Halloween, I am reminded of the scary disguises and costumes of my friends.

Many people dress as ghosts, witches or monsters. Even though I know these things are not real, I am still frightened by my friends’ costumes. Why do I call Halloween a mysterious festival? Surely, there are many aspects surrounding this holiday about which we are not clear, such as why people dress as ghosts and the legend behind the festival. For those reasons, we need research the origins of Halloween.

             Do you believe in ghosts? And do they exist on Halloween day? These are some asked questions for everyone. Maybe some people say “yes” and some say “no.” To me, I believe in the existence of ghosts for two main reasons. Firstly, our lives always consist of being good and evil whether you believe or not. If someone believes in God being the goodness, there must be the others that they will oppose the God. Anyone who always wants to bad things can be called devils. Secondly, according to Catholicism, people are likely to become ghosts after their death when they commit some sins such as having many unfulfilled desires and personality defects such as anger, fear and greed, or having a lot of negative impressions in their mind and lacking spiritual practice consisting of listening to and carrying out the Bible or not going to church and so on From the above analyses, I think ghosts still exist in Halloween day, but we cannot see them with our naked eyes.

Next, according to the meaning of Halloween, on this day, souls often come back on this earth to visit their house and relatives. Besides, they wander about the streets to search for food. Therefore, we often disguise ourselves as a ghost so that they can borrow our body to mix with the people. Besides, if we think deeply, this is a meaningful festival because souls will not feel lonely when they come back to earth.

Finally, what do people celebrate Halloween festival for? To understand clearly as well as to answer this question exactly, we need to know the legend of this festival first. According to the legend of Ireland, the symbol of Halloween “Jack-ó-lanterns” derived from the person called Jack. He was a teenager who had committed many sins in life, and, upon his death, was denied entry into heaven.  His sins included greed and selfishness.  He often concealed money for his own and never gave as charities or helped the others. Additionally, he used to help devils when they were captured by the priest. Certainly, devils promised that they would not capture his soul after he died. Therefore, that is the reason why his soul wandered about the streets on Halloween day. Based on this legend, people have different reasons for celebrating Halloween. Some people think Halloween festival is the day when the veil between the living and dead is the thinnest. As we know, Jack is dead, but everyone still helps his soul come back to earth and have one joyful day once in a year.   This means the distance between the death and the living people is not far. Hence, from the children to the old, they often disguise as ghosts on Halloween day so that dead people can mingle among human beings and enjoy themselves on this occasion.

        Halloween festival is coming. After learning about the legend behind Halloween, I think we can all appreciate the story and meaning behind this holiday a little more. Happy Halloween!

Kim Tuyet_11A

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