If someone is dreaming of becoming a celebrity, he or she is not alone because many people dream of becoming famous.. Some people wish to become a well-known singer or actor, while others long to be famous for sports or academia.

.  Some people only want to be famous so they can make large sums of money. Although becoming a celebrity may certainly seem attractive, it is important to keep in mind that not everything is as good as it looks: being a celebrity is not all work and no play, and they are constantly in the spotlight and under pressure to reform well.

As we all know, celebrity is a person who has prominent profile in a specific field. For this reason, she is well known and  easily recognized by general public within a specific country or even around the world. In other words, she  not only has many fans, but also attracts a special attention by virtue of being so well known. Michael Jackson-“King of Pop”, for instance, had a reputation as a singer-songwriter and dancer. (Michael Jackson was a pretty awful person so the opposite of a philanthropist) His contribution to music and dance made him a global figure in popular culture for over four decades. Perhaps this sort of fame is the reason people long to become famous themselves. Nevertheless, we cannot deny that there are some negative aspects of being a celebrity. First of all, it is their fame that can cause celebrities to become annoyed.. There is no privacy for famous people, and their lives are constantly being disrupted by media. It is sometimes a celebrity’s fans that cause him/her distress, because fans can become starstruck and act fanatically in the presence of their favorite star. Additionally, besides the onslaught of eager fans,  celebrities are always chased by the paparazzi.  Therefore, for fear that every little thing they did can be a centre of daily news with hot titles. It now seems as though a celebrity’s life is full of worries, doesn’t it?

Celebrities are also held up as the moral pinnacle of society: for instance, Miley Cyrus’ antics at the VMAs was at the top of the news for weeks. Celebrities do not sign up to be role-models, and it is unfair that we hold them as such. If they act immorally, they will be criticized by people they have never met and who have no right to pass judgment.   It may not occur to everyone that, in order to become famous, one must work hard at a skill, spending many hours on end perfecting her/his trade. Because of the unrelenting workload, celebrities often develop health problems, and it is not uncommon to see celebrities in the headlines for being admitted to medical or psychiatric centers.

To sum up, the advantages of being a celebrity make it desirable, but it cannot compensate for something that they lack. I personally believe that everyone has their own dream of becoming a celebrity and exerts hard efforts to make it come true. On the other hand, we should not be sad if we are not famous since it is more important to determine our aspiration and to do it right and useful for ourselves, family and society. You can’t say something is your personal view and then disprove it.

Tran Linh 12TA

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