As our society becomes more and more developed, fame is considered an everlasting dream that everyone still desires to achieve. Perhaps fame will provide them with enough power to get a high position in society or earn a lot of money for necessities.

However, nowadays, some people are still blindly searching for glory without caring about the catastrophes it may cause. Many people will do anything to become famous. To me, I think that fame is like as a knife with two blades because it can kill each person anytime with its sharp blades. Maybe, it seems that it is so vague because in reality, it cannot kill us by itself. We can understand that although it cannot kill us directly, it will make us die gradually while we do not know what is happening.

            Obviously, all of us need to admit that each aspect in our lives also has both negative as well as positive points. It is the same with celebrities. It can raise us up to heaven immediately or put us down in hell whenever it wants. Generally, when we are famous, everything seems to be complicated for us. Our lives can be changed or upset by public opinions in society. They criticize more than congratulate, especially for the bad things. It means that we are considered as a big mirror for everyone to look at our good things as well as our bad things. In terms of the good things, it sounds great because no one can find any mistakes or blunders to talk about. Nevertheless, we cannot have a peaceful life. On the other hand, for the negative points, it is worse. Those bad things will become the topic of conversation at  markets, shops, stores and so on. Furthermore, the life of a celebrity is one of horrified experiences for some people, especially for actors or actresses who commit suicide. Perhaps, in their lives, they are so stressed or depressed due to rumors spread by the public. For instance, the actor Health Ledger, killed himself because of the pressure of being a celebrity. Anyway, whether we are famous because of good or bad things, we all have problems that we need to face up to. That is the reason why I consider fame as a knife with two blades. Each blade is sharp enough to kill a person gradually and finally we will die for our desperation.

              With the development of our country, fame becomes more and more popular with everyone. Perhaps, because we are human, most of us want to become famous and respected by many people. Therefore, we often find many ways to reach celebrity status. In our lifetime, especially in the entertainment industry, becoming famous is not so difficult. A rude saying or some sexy pictures can easily also make us become famous. Nevertheless, whether a celebrity is good or bad in people’s mind, it still depends on each person creating it through public opinions. Some people often show their agreement and vice versa. To me, to become a celebrity, I will follow the path of some famous people such as Pascan, Bill Gates or Ngo Bao Chau. I wonder what the purpose of fame is if it does not bring any goodness to us as well as everyone. We can achieve our own fame if we base our goals on talent and dedication. That is the best way be wholeheartedly respected by many people even though being a celebrity has more than two sharp blades.

In conclusion, fame has an extraordinary attraction, which is why everyone still strives to get it, even though they do not care about how their lives will become in the future. Hence, it can kill us in the long run if we are not careful. However, if we find fame called the genuine celebrity enduringly, our lives will become meaningful and more beautiful.      



Kim Tuyet_11AV

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