Celebrities are persons who are famous for being successful in particular fields, especially in entertainment and sports so they are te idols of lot of teenagers. Nowadays, more and more teenagers imitate their idol’s hairstyles, clothes and hobbies.

This is the “hot” problem not only in Viet Nam, but also all over the world. It is important to think about whether or not we should imitate celebrities, considering both the positives and negatives

             Imitating celebrities has some disadvantages: One of these disadvantages of celerity imitation is that teenagers may neglect their studying. They just listen to music or read blogs or articles about their favorite celebrity instead of studying and doing homework. Students may daydream that they will be the same person as their idols during class, and so do not pay attention to their teachers. At home, they waste a lot of time finding more  information on their idols of doing exercise or studying English. They are even absent from school to just collect or watch new videos or listen to new albums of their idols. Therefore, their studying  is suffering greatly. The second disadvantage of this problem is that teenagers ignore the relationship with their friends, their family and their real life  Instead of talking or playing with their friends or family, they just spend their time watching and thinking about their idols. They also think that their idols are the ideal role model and that their idols’ action are always true and are the best thing in the world. This can cause our fans to imitate their idols, even when the actions they are imitating are detrimental to their health or reputation.

Besides that, they are willing to argue with anyone who says bad thing about their idols. They do not even obey their parents’ saying. You cannot become autistic, you are born autistic. Autism and being obsessed with a celebrity have literally nothing in common. The biggest disadvantage is that it can influence teenagers’ health.  Some teenagers often imitate their idols’ eating habit. For example, my girlfriend did not eat anything except vegetables because her idol was eating only vegetables to lose weight.  After one week, my girlfriend was ill and stayed at hospital for five days!  Moreover, some teenagers treat their idols as lovers and they think that they cannot live without their idol, so when their idols get married these teens become lovesick and often want to kill themselves, which  might be very dangerous and stupid. Some teenagers say that they imitate their idols just because  they admire their talents and success, because they want to become  successful person.

However, when we admire  someone without imitation, we simply learn from them and pick up their positive traits without consciously trying to be like them. Trouble begins only when our admiration turns us into blind imitation, because we should not try to be anyone but ourselves.

Huynh Trang_12TA

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