The strange case of Jekyll and Hydeis a story that marked the return of Robert Louis Stevenson in his writing journey. The theme of the story talks about two different personalities in an individual and reflects the interplay of good and evil. Although The strange case of Jekyll and Hydeis a horror story, it does not describe a lot of blood and gore details that the story focuses on describing human psychological development. Thus, it is very suitable for beginner readers of the horror genre.


The story talked about Gabriel John Utterson, a lawyer in London. He was investigating the bizarre relationship between doctor Henry Jekyll and the evil Edward Hyde. Initially, Utterson suspected that Jekyll was being controlled by Hyde. The lawyer heard that Jekyll changed the will and decided to give all of the property to Hyde. However, the lawyer did not receive any explanation from his friend, even Jekyll requested him keep a secret about this.

 A few months later, a servant saw Hyde used a stick to beating a man to death. When Utterson came to the scene of the murders, he was so shocked because weapon murder was a gift that he gave to doctor Jekyll in the last months. But, the lawyer decided to keep silent.

Until one day, Lanyon, a friend of both Jekyll and Utterson, got suddenly killed. Coincidentally, Jekyll and the evil Hyde also disappeared. Therefore, lawyer Utterson decided to find all of the truth about Hyde’s identity and the mysterious disappearance of Jekyll.

The strange case of Jekyll and Hydeis a pioneering masterpiece in carving out the " multi- personality" characteristic of a human. This reflects people that deep within each human being, there are two natures good and evil. Nobody is completely bad or good, just wait for the chance to come out. Jekyll is a prime example, Jekyll is an introvert who rarely shows his true feelings outside. Deep down inside his inner, he had the crazy thoughts when he tried to premix drugs to change his appearance in order to satisfy his own evil desires without affecting his career and his reputation.

Although author Robert Louis Stevenson wrote in the characteristic of the character's psychological developments, he still had combined emotional details that make readers deeply understand stories. Beautiful friendship is one of the details that impressed me the most. When people are kids, friendship is something fortunate and respectable. But as they mature, people will focus on work, money, and family and people almost forget the value of friendship. Sometimes I see people hurting friends that they shared joys and sorrows. After I finished reading the strange case of the Jekyll and Hyde story, I greatly admired the relationship between Utterson and Jekyll because the lawyer is determined to expose the identity of a bloodthirsty murderer to protect his friend. If people want to have their beautiful friendship, people should cherish the friends around because beautiful friendships have to be built up from both sides.

 In my opinion, The strange case of Jekyll and Hydeis a story that impressed me because it helps me to understand about human personality and a beautiful friendship. If people want to learn about the "multi-personality" characteristic. This story could be a good choice for everyone.

Kieu Oanh - DH18TA

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