You are new students. When starting university or college, you are very happy and excited. At the same time, you also feel strange and worried about many things. You don’t know how to find a rented room that is both safe and cheap. You don’t know where your classes are. You don’t know how to make friends.

Don’t worry about these things!  Your difficulties will go away quickly.  You will receive lots of friendly guidance and advice from your teachers and the old students.  For example, at Van Lang University the old students hold meetings to share experiences about boarding houses, dormitories, money, studying, etc.  Some universities encourage interaction between newcomers and old students.  Last year I was among the newcomers of An Giang University.  My classmates and I took part in a student exchange that 8D organized.  I had the chance to make many new friends, and I learned useful things about studying, confidence building, and learning difficult subjects.


Also, universities (or colleges) can host singing shows, sports events and clubs.  These are opportunities where students can get used to their new environment, make friends, and relax after studying hard.


Indeed, welcome activities for newcomers are good opportunities for everyone to learn and socialize together.


Lam Ai Tran-33D 

Lam Ai Tran-33D

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