Everyone has feelings when a new year is coming. For newcomers, it’s unimaginable how life will be at University in general and at An Giang University in particular. Truly, there are many things they will experience in school and in real life.

Firstly, they will have a great shock due to new teaching and learning styles.  This is the first hardship newcomers must overcome in order to have a good result at university.  If students make this transition, they will be more self-confident and mature.  For example, in order to answer the question, “What is the difference between high school and university?” the student must use private experiences, list exact points, and persuade everyone with critical thinking.


Secondly, living far from home makes a student both cheerful and nervous.  Many newcomers look forward to getting free of the supervision of their family.  That is liberation, but they also have to be in charge of themselves after that.  Now they are self-reliant in the real world, and must do housework instead of waiting for mom to do it.  They learn the ways of living with others, taking care of themselves when they are sick, and even knowing what to do when the money is gone.


In short, the first year of university life is one of turning-points for newcomers.  Passing this test, they will be able to succeed in acquiring new knowledge and living skills. As for me, I now have new learning styles and points of view thanks to this process.


  Huynh Thi Hong Cam - DH9D 

Huynh Thi Hong Cam - DH9D

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