Australian Education International (AEI Vietnam) is the official representative of Australian Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) in Vietnam. In 2009, AEI in co-operation with An Giang University organises the English Contest MY FUTURE. This contest promotes the English learning and career orientation among students in Mekong Delta region.


Students aged between 18-22 from colleges and universities in Mekong Delta provinces are qualified to join the contest.


The contest has two rounds: Qualifying Round and Final Round.

Qualifying Round

-   Contestants form teams of three members representing a college or a university (max 3 teams from an institution) to attend the Qualifying Round. The team makes a video clip reflecting a specific career within 5 minutes. It is obligatory all three members should appear in the video.

-   The video clip should be submitted to An Giang University in CD before 26/10/2009. Teams are also required to register ONE account in and compose an introductory entry with a link to their video clip.

-   06 teams with highest scores will enter the Interview to select the top four teams for the Final Round.

-   All teams will be presented with gifts from AEI Vietnam.

Final Round

Final Round will be tentatively held on Sunday 15/11/2009 at An Giang University.

The four teams will join in three sub-rounds:

Sub-round 1: Identifying

The four teams will guess which job the video clips are about. There are eight clips, four given by the organisers and four by the four teams.

Sub-round 2: Exploring

Members in each team will answer the quiz questions. Chances are given to other teams if one team fails to give the correct one.

Sub-round 3: Deciding

Each team will present the rationale for the selected career (as mentioned in the video clip in Qualifying Round).

There will be a peer debate session after each presentation. Judgment will be made upon both presentation and debates.

Each finalist team will be sponsored VND1,000,000 by AEI Vietnam to support transport and preparation for the Final Round.


-          01 First Prize                                       VND 10,000,000

-          01 Second Prize                                   VND   8,000,000

-          02 Third Prizes                                     VND   6,000,000


-    Representatives of AEI, An Giang University and finalist colleges and universities.


An Giang University:

-  Promote the pre-contest activities, co-ordinate with interested colleges and universities and organise the Qualifying Round and Final Round at An Giang University.

-   Co-operate for the scoring and interview in the Qualifying Round and Final Round.

-   Provide venue and organise human resource for entire work.

-   Contact with TV stations for the contest broadcasting, and

-   Work with AEI Vietnam for a successful contest.


-    Provide assistance in the website

-    Provide quiz bank and answer keys.

-    Provide financial support (prizes and organising the Final Round), and

-    Work with An Giang University for a successful organisation of the Qualifying Round and Final Round.

Any issue that arises should be discussed and resolved with both sides’ consensus. Communication should be kept flowing smoothly between the two parties.


For registration and website:

Ms Trinh Phan Thuy Trinh

Tel: 3825 6560        Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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