I have never thought of the definition of the word “idol”. That is simply because my viewpoint is that everyone always has his or her own idol. In reality, when we detect someone who has his best criteria that we as well as the others require, he or she becomes so remarkable that we can intentionally idolize all things he does or the way he acts. That sounds abstract to me.

However, I did not change my mind until the day my idol walked into my life slowly and silently. At first, he seemed to be very inaccessible but as soon as I spoke to him, I could recognize his sincerity, one of my favorite qualities about him. Virtually, his warm voice and charming smile make a deep impression on me. Honestly, I can see his modesty and talent, which make his own special style and friendliness to the others.           

To me, idol is not a fiction one that just exists in your own imagination. In contrast, idol is someone who brings you hope and happiness when you are down. Sometimes, your best friend cannot feel your invisible grieves which absolutely make you loose heart. However, I passionately believe that when you think of the person you most look up to, you are likely to feel better because your idol always gives you heart and inspiration to go on.       

NNHoa (7D2)

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