Last night, I had a sweet dream. It was a rainy day and I was on the way back home. On the street, many leaves fell down. Suddenly, a dog crossed the street. I lost my balance and crashed into the sidewalk. My bike broken down and my hand was hurt. What a sad and nervous girl I was! I did not know what to do. I looked around for help. As a mysterious power or an arrangement from god, a handsome and gentle boy appeared. Maybe he came back from his work. He saw me standing next to the bike. Quickly, he understood what happened.

He stopped riding, helped me take my bike to a repairman, and took me to my home. How warm his arm was! I felt safe and protected when I sat behind him. My soul nearly flew to the heaven.

The leaves fell down; I zapped myself back to reality. I finally returned. He asked about my hand injury again and said goodbye to me. I stood at the door and watched him go as far as I could see. In the river in front of my house, there were some flowers floating slowly in the current. Maybe the rain made them fell down…

There was a strong peal of thunder, I woke up. It was raining very heavily outside. I heard a small sound of rain, the leaves were falling down. The boy that I never met in real life has become my idol since then. I think you can easily become an idol to others. You don’t need to be a famous singer or actor, you don’t need to be superstar of football, and you don’t need to be a great scientist. All you need to do is to give help to everyone. They will always remember you. Maybe they will consider you their idol.  

Ánh Ngoc, 9D2

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