When I studied at high school, I would think that love was something that was very complex and hurt a lot of people. Factually, my friends were negatively affected by love very much.

Many of them had to spend much time on dating, so their study results went down. Especially, on some occasions such as Valentine’s Day and Christmas, they had to buy gifts to offer their lovers. That was a waste of money. However, my thoughts have changed since I studied at university. I think love is a very interesting thing. When you are in love, you have a friend to share many things such as thoughts, feelings, happiness and sadness. Moreover, on some special days such as Christmas and particularly Valentine’s Day, you can hang out with your lovers. You offer each other a bar of chocolate, a rose and even a kiss.

Unfortunately, because of my thought at high school, I have not had a lover yet. On Valentine’s Day, I usually feel sad, bored and lonely though I often talk to myself that Valentine’s Day is just a normal one. Thus, to escape from those feelings, I celebrate a small party for myself at home. I go to Kinh Do Bakery to buy a cream cake and then take it home. I put it on the table near the window in my room. Besides, I also decorate it with some candles. And then, I pray, blow the candles, eat the cake and send some messages with the statement “Happy Valentine’s Day” to my friends and also to myself.


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