Once upon a time, there was a poor but intelligent and studious student living in a peaceful village. The Great God was pleased with his strong will and decided that the poor student would become a high-powered man in the dynasty. The Tutelary God of that village knew that news so he really respected the poor student. Every time the student passed by the Tutelary God’s Temple, he stood up and bowed to the student.

One day, the temple keeper dreamed that the Tutelary God asked him to tidy up the temple to welcome a great mandarin the next day. The temple keeper followed the God’s warning and waited all day for that special guest. Strangely, no one visited except a poor student unintentionally taking a short rest at the temple.

Not long after, the temple keeper had the same dream and did like before. This time too he did not see anyone except that poor student. He thought that it was so strange. When it happened a third time, he told the poor student:

- I have had the same bizarre dream three times and I am sure that you will become a great mandarin.

Hearing that, the poor student burst with joy. He was as sure as eggs were eggs that the wealthy and powerful life would be his. Therefore, he stopped studying and instead started dreaming of his bright future ahead. Finally, he decided to divorce his trivial wife. Many young and pretty women would desperately dream of becoming his wife, he supposed.

Living with the dream of riches and honors, he had no respect for others. He even frightened the ones who did not please him.

The Great God got completely angry with the poor student. He cursed the student so that he would never ever pass any examination, and would live a lonely, miserable life forever.


Do you feel sorry for the poor student? What would have happened if the poor student had not known about his future?

That is what we call “to eat the calf in the cow’s belly”.

I guess that many of us have heard this fable and laughed at that student. Somehow, we are just like him! At least once in our life, we wish we could foresee our future. We wonder who we will become, what we will do, and how our life will be. Suppose we have the power to see our future, will we live in worry if something bad happens? How about a wonderful life in the future? Will we try our best to make it become true or act just like the poor student?

The future is not secure but depends on our deeds. We can definitely change our future. “Rome was not built in one day”; this is true of the future too. We can build it day by day. “The future is not ours to see”; do not let fate drive your life. Control it and you will have your true life. I believe that. How about you?

I wish you a happy life without worry. Just try your best to do everything you want and enjoy life with all of your soul.

Minh Nguyen_9D

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