In the evening of March 30th, at the meeting of English Speaking Club, people were talking about topics for the next ESC. Many topics were given; one of many chosen topics was “summer - a meaningful summer”. At that time, a strong inspiration appeared in my mind, which urged me to write a story, the story of my friend.

It was late summer of 2008, the time I knew I had passed the university examination. After hard-studying, at last, I achieved one of my future goals. I was very happy and eager to begin the journey to a new horizon, the free life of a university student. On the way to the restaurant for the party with my friends, it suddenly became dark and rained more and more heavily and the rush hour traffic jam in the city began. I was going to turn back and go another way but I had to stop. I saw a wheelchair boy who was trying to find an empty way among the crowded crossroads in harsh situation. I recognized that he was Tuan, my classmate, whom I almost did not have any chance to talk with him during the last three years.

I was in a hurry because the party was waiting for me. I thought someone would come and help him but I hesitated. I wondered “if everyone thinks the same as me, how will Tuan be?”  At that time, Tuan was still trying his best to escape the muddy roads and go ahead. In his eyes, I saw that he never hoped someone would help him. From the bottom of my heart, I could not ignore him. Not hesitating anymore, quickly, I came and helped Tuan to pull his wheelchair out of the muddy place. The rain was still worse and worse, the road was too long and sloping. Once home, we were tired and exhausted. I could not believe that Tuan went to school with his wheelchair by himself for the last 3 years. His room was small but rather clean and tidy, the furniture was carefully put so that he could move easily. When I came to the kitchen, Tuan introduced me to his mother lying up on the bed. The stroke had left all her body paralyzed. Tuan told her about my help for him. She tried to speak harshly.   “During the last 3 years, no one helped my son. It is not that my son needs the help, it is that he feels lonely, even among his classmates”. I stood speechless, the regretful feeling was flowing in my mind and I cried. The party that I missed became empty, distant and meaningless. I understood I really needed to do something. My classmates and I visited Tuan‘s family the day after, and we had wonderful and happy time with Tuan and his mother.  From then, Tuan and I have become close friends, I often visit and help him every summer or when I return to my hometown. It may be a simple and little thing but great to me.

Dear friends, do not let your summer holiday be wasted; let it be meaningful and necessary. It will not be a big thing to make someone happy with just a touch, a smile, a wish, a look and a word. You can do that because “You never know what happiness a simple act of kindness will bring about (Bree Abel)”.

Nguyễn Thị Thu Nguyên _ 9D

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