You just call out my name
and you know wherever I am
I'll come running oh yeah
to see you again
Winter, spring, summer or fall
all you've got to do is call
and i'll be there
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
you've got a friend…”

The song “You’ve got a friend” is being played from the radio of a neighbor. It is a very old song but sounds good and deeply emotional every time I listen to it. Slowly losing its blue color, the sky is turning dark and is adorned with some stars. The evening coming has brought sadness and solitariness to the space around.

“What are my friends doing?”  I wonder.

Walking along the lane to my grandfather’s house, I look at the moss-grown walls, the map linking my childhood. It was a lot of memories. It was a happy time being joyful or sulky with my friends. In the summer of some years ago, I had a relaxing and meaningful vacation. In my grandfather’s garden, there was a corner surrounded by trees, colorfully decorated with a green foundation of grass and some red of wild flowers. In the journey to the new things of this garden, my friends and I stayed together and enjoyed cakes. We talked about many things but most of them seemed to be quite childish thoughts. We all loved nature. Under the sunshine, the leaves of trees were livelier and the shadow of them was not too big or too small, just enough to create a picture with black and white on the ground. On branches of plum trees, we found that ants were completely wrapped up in finding something, I thought. Not knowing our appearance, they kept moving in long lines. Near that, in the shade of the biggest tree, we promised to be friends forever, as I had seen in films.

I come to my grandfather’s house as a child who wants to be loved. Still those eyes, still that smile, he makes me feel peaceful. Once again, the merriness in me overflows. It urges me to have a journey like the day we used to have. Now everything has changed, my friends are mature and I am a second-year student with many dreams and aspirations. I will follow the call of nature to the place where we had the promise, and maybe I could see my friends there.

Đoàn Hồ Văn _ 9D

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