I believe that everyone has made a mistake or got an unexpected thing in their life at least one time and I did too. When I think of activities for summer holiday, I often remember a trip which may be the most memorable trip in my life.

When I was a high school student, my classmates and I often went on picnics in the countryside at the end of school year for our summer holiday. But that time, my mother did not allow me to go with my friends because there would be bad weather the next day according to broadcast. I was so sad, and I even got angry with my mom. I really wanted to join that camping trip. Anyway, indulging my pleasures, I did not obey my mother and I took part in the trip.

Early one morning two years ago, my friends made a trip to Cam Mountain. The weather was very fine when we began our journey. First we visited fruit gardens and took a long time to climb to the top of Cam Mountain. Then, we enjoyed swimming in Thanh Long stream. At noon, we gathered under a shady tall tree at the top, talking and singing. Although everyone seemed to be very tired, we felt happy. Suddenly, when we were ready for lunch, it began to rain. It rained and rained that afternoon until late at night.  It was really a heavy rain. We walked in the rain from the top of the mountain. We were all wet and cold because we did not bring our raincoats with us. Worse still, we could not start our motorbikes as the rain water got into the engines. Therefore, we had to push our bikes a long distance to the repair shop. We returned home when it was too dark. I felt hungry and cold. That night I suffered from a bad cold and had to stay in bed for three days. My mom was too worried and she stayed up late every night to take care of me. I really regretted not obeying her and I felt so sorry. I said to my mom “mom, I am so sorry. I did not listen to your advice. I promise I will never be like that anymore!”  My mother did not get angry and she smiled, said to me nice words in sweet voice. At that time, I felt more mature.

That trip is the most memorable summer holiday to me. Perhaps I will never forget it in my life.

Nguyễn Thị Thu Nguyên _ 9D

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