For many people, summer is the hot and stuffy season of the year. Therefore, taking a vacation on a beach or at a cool place to hide from the scorching summer is the best choice. However, for students, “summer” has a very different significance. Summer is not only the three months bridging between the two academic years but also valuable time for students to fulfill their interests and preferences. From traveling to social work, the summer can be meaningful and unforgettable time.

Students spend their summer in many ways. Some students go on a holiday to relax after a hard semester of studying. Some attend the extra classes to enlarge their knowledge or get qualifications. Others do part-time or full time jobs to earn money for the next school year or just to gain experience. The others join some social work to help poor children and the disabled. Depending on various purposes and interests, we might have a different summer. However, as a student, have you ever wondered what a meaningful summer is?

Many of us think that only spending summer time for social work or for some activities that helps people in society is significant. In contrast, a meaningful summer, to me, is the period to try to do something new, and interesting. You can travel anywhere, attend any class, do any job, and join any social work as long as you find it interesting. When you love to do something, you are likely to be more successful and able to learn many new things. Definitely, it is not wrong if you choose to do something that is different from your friends. You can absolutely decide what to do rather than compare yourself to the others and do the same.

On the other hand, spending three valuable months at home watching TV, reading comics, playing games and sleeping all day is not a good choice for students. You cannot tell your friends that you have a meaningful summer filled with all of the names of famous Korean singers and actors, reading over fifteen comic books, or mastering games online. Instead of indulging in entertainment, why don’t you do something that you can gain experience from, enrich knowledge, and help the society? It is not as hard as you imagine, just start with some small things that you can do every day, like helping your dad to repair the table or doing housework with your mom. I bet that you can gain many worthwhile experiences.

Overall, summer is the wonderful time for many people, especially students. I hope that all of us already have plans for a meaningful summer and enjoy it with new and interesting things. Do not let it become a burden of work or a meaningless vacation.

Have a fascinating summer, everyone!

Minh Nguyen_ 9D

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