Wars around the world affected lot countries on this planet. As a result, most countries spent almost all of their national budgets on weapons to defend themselves although they are not at wars. The issue of whether these countries should use the amount of money for weapon or use it to support the poor in their own countries is a controversial one.

In my opinion, helping the poor and disadvantaged people in the country with part of social welfare will defend the nation itself.

First, although many countries on the globe spent a large amount of money to equip modern weapon like atomic bombs, tanks, big submarines, their countries could not avoid wars. For example Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Israel, etc; and how about life of people in those countries, poverty, diseases and suffered a lot from the destructions of the wars. As for some other countries, although they are not in war, they still buy weapons to protect themselves. For what purpose they do not know. Their countries are too poor, the inhabitants there are starving, dying with diseases, and suffering with illiteracy, for instance, some countries in South Africa. No countries want to make wars with them. Then, it is better they use the amount of money for their citizens who need it to exist.

On the other hand, there are many countries even though they are developing countries, but their first national project is to improve standard living of the people in their country. They pay attention to industrialize and modernize their infrastructures. Then, the economy, politics, cultures society will be developed; and national military forces will be strengthened naturally. Then, people in these countries will be happier and will devote all their lives to reform as well as protect their countries without the help of so many modern weapons. These countries like Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Lao.

In summary, for many reasons above, I am strongly convinced that national budget would be invested for social welfare, especially for the poor and disadvantaged people to improve their lives to get an acceptable life expectancy requirement. When the people in a country live in wealthy and healthy, this country certainly becomes a prosperous and powerful one.

Thanh Nga_ Foreign Languages Dept.

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