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Many people think that a lot of violence in society is the result of what viewers learn from television (TV) and Internet. We cannot deny the benefits people have from watching TV and getting from the Internet, but its harms outweigh the usefulness.

In my opinions, What is on TV or Internet has a certain impact on watchers whether it is good or bad, and violence is dependent on the extent we control ourselves.

First, It is true that violence on TV and Internet affects children strongly because they are too young to understand what are real things or imaginary ones. They tend to be aggressive and like fighting after watching violent films on TV or Internet. This is especially time for cartoons, games in which characters use many kinds of weapons like guns, swords, and bombs. That made children imitate using these things in real life. They use electric guns, plastic swords and bombs to play wars with one another. Many parents are worried about these things and they wish that there is a restriction of violent programmes shown on TV or Internet.

Second, not only children but the youth and adults are also affected by their ideal models on TV and Internet. In fact, so many people act and speak like some famous actors and actresses because they admire these people. Unfortunately, these people perform the role of a knight, a hero on traffic competition or a murderer; and if their actions will be copied by their fans, and we do not know what will happen to society. Furthermore, people are easily attracted by advertisements on TV or Internet and when their admired actors or actresses play on violent advertisements, then they follow.

Third, someone also think that violent on TV and Internet may also change the way people behave with one another. The tendency of resolving problems by violence increases because of the effect of it on TV and Internet. However, human beings are intelligent creatures. They know clearly what is wrong  and what is right . Indeed, many people watch violence on TV and Internet, but they do not all become violent. It is because they know how to control themselves. In addition, if they control the programs for their children and themselves watch, it would be better.

In conclusion, violence in society has appeared and existed for a long time, and it is true that the number of people who commit violence increases from the time TV and Internet used worldwide. However, we cannot blame all responsibility for violence on TV and Internet. It is the duty of human who can control and distinguish what they watch and what they do for themselves and their children.

Thanh Nga_ Foreign Languages Dept.

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