The environment is mentioned in many means of media and keeping our environment has been discussed through years. Why our earth becomes hotter nowadays we all know the main reasons. However, human beings cannot solve the problem absolutely.

Water resource is also one part of the environment that we must take into account when referring to environment protection. In addition to warming atmosphere, polluted water and shortage of water supply from most of the rivers in the world are also a threat to human life. The root of all above things is originated from human’s actions especially their awareness.

Actually most but not all people in the world live in the third world; it means they are in underdeveloped and developing countries. Struggle to survive day by day is a hardship for them already, so they do not care about education, modernization industrialization and even knowledge of our planet, our world house. Because they do not care much about education, they are mostly illiterate and do not pay attention to surrounding environment. They use raw water directly from the rivers near their houses for all their daily activities such as cooking, bathing and washing. However, at the same time they also use rivers as a disposal containers for dumping all wastes in; they throw all things that they do not need anymore such as garbage and dead animals into the rivers; even in some places, rivers are considered as toilets for them to discard people’s wastes.

Nowadays the earth becomes hotter and hotter, and all people experience and suffer it. Why do most people especial people live in Asian countries cannot foresee? then we have to encounter the shortage of water water polluted  if we  continue our irresponsible actions to our planet.

I can give proof from my observation and research in some places in Vietnam, one of  Asian countries. Once time, I traveled on boat along Mekong Rivers with some of my foreign friends from other countries, I witnessed my friends trembling when they saw some people’s wastes on the water. Even people in my village refused to pay only 10, 000VND a month for garbage collection. They would rather throw wastes into the river but save that sum of money to invest for illegal lottery tickets. I am a lecturer at a local university, so I was so moved to tell them about the shortage of water supply sources, but they looked at me as if I was from other planet, a dull person but not an educated one. I suggested them to contribute money in the way that about 3-4 households into one for garbage collection or they can use my garbage bin as a common bin in the hamlet but they refused and laughed at me. Sometimes, they looked at me as a person from another class – high class who has redundant money for rubbish thing. When I explained to them that if we do not keep the river clean, in the future our next generation will have no water to live. They laughed and told me that all their garbage dumped into the river would not stay at the same place but follow the water flow to the other places or to the sea. So our place would not be dirty and the river would not be shallow or  would dissapear someday in the future.

Everyday, when I saw the garbage cart crossing my house, I  wondered myself then asked my little big son if the amount of garbage is also in the river when will it disappear like many other small rivers or canals in our country. My son supported me and promised that he will follow my act to defend the environment. Furthermore, I have strong encouragement from the others that have the same thought as me in contributing to reduce the amount of garbage into the rivers by extracting a sum of money for garbage collection every month.

Finally, we cannot blame poverty that makes people ruin their environment. Many people like to use their money for other purposes but not to save a small amount for garbage collection to protect the rivers - water resource - the environment. That is because of people’s poor awareness that makes them destroy the environment unconsciously but not poverty. Therefore, to deal with environment issue, it is time to foster and enrich people’s knowledge of the community survival by various means of media and propagandas; and the responsibility lies in the governments as well as the conscious citizens on this globe. 


Thanh Nga – DFL

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