International students who enter Australian universities have a lot of expectations to succeed with a desire of exploring and challenging themselves in a new environment. Many of them just think that if they are good at English learning and academic writing, they are sure to be successful. However, many case studies of previous students show this is not really true.

This paper will focus on some qualities students need to obtain to get success, and not just complete their course satisfactorily, but also attain their world outlook. In fact, to study well in Australia universities students do not need only a combination of English proficiency and academic writing competence, but other contributions also need to be considered. This essay will consider three other features that contribute to students’ success besides English ability and academic writing experience such as their motivation, organization and healthy lifestyle in adapting to university study and life.

 Combination of English proficiency and academic writing skill helps international students a lot in tertiary level if they know how to take advantage of their aptitudes. In fact, students learning English well in all speaking, listening, reading and wiring will feel comfortable with their studies at any Australia institutions. They can understand lectures quickly and easily so that it helps them promote note-taking in both reading and listening. Moreover, they find it easy to communicate with native speakers as well as make friends with them. As a result, they spend less time on study and can spend time for other activities to get a balanced lifestyle for both studying and socializing. On the other hand, other students who are not gifted like them may meet a lot of difficulties in studies such as cannot understand most of lectures, or cannot fulfill numerous of assignments that have the same due days. They have to spend more time on study and forget their joy of academic life. In addition, language barriers may add to these obstacles that make some students give up and drop their course half way. Therefore, English learning and academic writing competence are parts that can decide students’ achievements at Australian universities if they know ways how to take advantage and enhance their gifted talents. However to be assured for success at tertiary study in Australia students need to have other qualities besides these two ones.

 Motivation is one of the important elements that helps students succeed in their study life. Indeed,  a desire to go abroad to study and get good results back home will help students overcome most difficulties coming to them during their study time. At some point of time of the tiredness or boredom because of the workload or disappointment with low marks, or failure that are not the things the students expected before coming to Australia; it is their strong will can get them feet back on the ground. Their motivation at that time will answer for them the question why they come to Australia to study. It is their motivations help them set realistic and appropriate goals for short-, medium-, and long- terms that they can achieve from small steps to big ones. Therefore, internal and positive motivations play a vital role in students’ success at universities. Organization is another feature that students need to have to fulfill their studies satisfactorily. As students, time is a non-renewable resource to them so that they have to make time-tables themselves for every week, month and semester. They must know how to say ‘no’ to avoid time robberies from their friends or other activities like television time, chatting time; and they should allocate time for prior things as well as arrange time for what called primacy or regency so that they can evaluate what have been done in the end. According to some researches, there are three important elements in an effective daily plan: (a) a precise description of the items; (b) an allocation of a priority ranking: and (c) an estimate of the time to be spent working on the item. A fourth feature of a successful daily plan is something which you add after the items are completed-a tick;’ In short, working or studying with an organized plan will help students complete their duties with ease of success.

 Healthy life also plays a vital role in students’ success at tertiary studies in Australia. Healthy life includes many factors, but the two most important factors are food and sleeping patterns, and positive thinking. Students should pay attention to their lifestyles and do modification in need if they do not have good eating habits and normal sleeping patterns as well as building a clear, fresh and generous mind. Keep in mind the fact that your success depends very strongly on your physical and mental heath because there is a saying “A strong mind is in a healthy body”. Therefore, students should get enough nutritious food and have a regular sleeping time as well as an open minded thinking about surrounding environment in which there are other students and study- related things because an energetic body will help the brain function well.

 In conclusion, learning English well and academic writing are only necessary conditions that contribute to students’ success at Australia University. To get achievement fully as a tertiary student there are many other qualities that students need to obtain in combining with these two above aptitudes. Among the important features motivation, organization and healthy lifestyle are constructive conditions for international students to adapt to a new academic life to get a harmonious success both in knowledge and the world view.

Thanh Nga – DFL

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