Passing the entrance examination for university, some students are eager to achieve the freedom and independence in the real life.

In fact, instead of being supervised by their parents like before, they can make their own decision on what they would like, especially love. However,  love at University causes them some big problems.

The first problem they often encounter is that they can not avoid using more money than usual. As a matter of fact, they have to pay more money for their studying, living cost and other consumptions, such as, cell phone expenses, rentals, books, materials, internet and eating. Besides, in order to make their love colorful and romantic, they sometimes spend a large sum of money on buying gifts to give their lover on special occasions as Valentine’s Day, the international Women’s Day, the Vietnamese Women’s Day, the birthday of their boyfriend or girlfriend or even on their first meeting’s Day, for example. Moreover, eating out and drinking out are common expenses during the love stage.

The more serious one is that love can use their studying time up. According to the teaching and learning styles at university, students are happily liberated from studying by heart every day. In contrast, they need to invest more time in the useful studying styles, such as, working in pairs, in groups or by themselves. However, love will occupy their whole time which must be performed properly while they are at college. Besides, sometimes a few arguments and misunderstandings brought about make their mood down. How much time they spend on overcoming each situation? A friend in love shares with me, “I cannot concentrate on my learning recently since my boyfriend has suspected my love”. “I do not know when I will end the trouble”, and “I am so tired now”.

The severest problem is that love enables them to change themselves. In reality, because of passionate love, some students are deeply influenced their lover’s living styles. For example, they dare to live together without marriage licenses. In addition, in case their relationship is broken up, they may change both characteristics and viewpoints about the life after the great shock. Moreover, many of them lose trust and hope, so they might be likely to get stuck in bad habits. For instance, they rely on alcohol, wine, beer, and even drugs to reduce their sorrows.

In short, the three big problems mentioned above are the negative aspects in love. Actually, students’ life mostly depends on their family’s money. Therefore, it is necessary for them to be aware of what love affects their studying.


Hong Cam- DH9D


    Dung nhu Cam noi tinh yeu that rac roi, nhung cung tuy thuoc vao moi nguoi.Neu ta suy nhgi theo huong tich cuc thi se thay duoc y nghia cua tinh yeu.Khi yeu con nguoi ta rat hanh phuc,thay cuoc song co y nghia hon, ngoai ra hai nguoi cung co the giup do nhau hoc tot hon