It is very necessary for us to educate children with awareness, especially at the age of being at school. The knowledge of competition and cooperation is an important thing that children should learn during their growth.

Whether children are taught only competition or cooperation has been a controversial issue. Actually, both of them have own good and bad aspects. In my opinion, children who are taught to cooperate rather than compete become more useful adults.

Firstly, teaching children the meaning of the competition will bring them good lessons of the failure and success. Competition in right ways creates the motivation in children so that they try their best to do the work. For example, if children are encouraged, maybe everything is like a game to them, they feel comfortable, eager and independent to gain best result without laziness. But competition can also lead to unexpected things because children are innocent like whitepaper. If we teach them in wrong ways, it means we are drawing something not beautiful on it. For example, children begin to emphasize the importance of the victory rather than true effort; they do not want to be a loser in the game, so they may be selfish and jealous of their friends’ success. If these things are likely to happen, the competition makes children feel stressed and under pressure for being afraid of worse than peers.

In contrast, teaching children to cooperate is more useful and better than teaching them to compete. Children will be sharing, helping and caring about other people. When they are working and studying in a group, they can recognize their weaknesses to overcome and their strengths to improve. Furthermore, in cooperative groups, children have the opportunity to learn good points from others. Evidence given is that children can learn more effectively from other friends than from teachers or studying alone. When cooperation is encouraged, children not only become kind but can also get skills for group work, which is helpful for their development. Thus, Good co-operation is very important to children.   

In conclusion, I think children should be taught to cooperate rather than compete. When they are learning to cooperate, they are able to study how to compete. In my opinion, parents and teachers should be careful and flexible in choosing appropriate educational methods, which concentrate children on cooperation, not competition.

Thu Nguyen_9D

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