Many of us often try our best to do something and expect to gain perfect results. Most people do not want to make mistakes in their work and I do, too.

But for something, it cannot be completely good and satisfy our full ambition. Therefore, in my opinion, we should not be worried about making mistakes. The most important thing is what we learned from our mistakes and whether we are able to admit them.

In fact, worrying about making mistakes prevents us from carrying out our plans and causes obstacles for our life. For example, if we are always afraid of making mistakes when studying English, we cannot learn English well and make progress, especially for speaking English. We should understand that it is not easy to learn a foreign language and making mistakes is unavoidable. Through mistakes, day by day, we can study English better without making the same mistakes. For larger views in life, making mistakes does not mean we fail and stop working hard. Instead of regretting at mistakes with unexpected results, we should spend time to find out the reasons that leaded to it. I believe we are more mature from recognizing them and get better in the future.

Furthermore, in the hard life, there is something really difficult to be perfect as we expected. There are goals cannot completely gained, work cannot be successfully finished and effort cannot deservingly requited. Worrying too much about making mistakes tomorrow is to likely lose a chance of success today. Therefore, we should be confident in our effort which certainly leads to good result.

Nevertheless, we should understand that making mistakes is a thing which needs to avoid. We cannot make mistakes from this time to another one despite promising not to make it anymore. The most important thing is that we have to admit our faults. We can only learn from a mistake after we admit that we have made it. If we blame on other people or try all our best to hide our mistakes, we become liars. We should be brave and honest to say “These are my mistakes and I have to be responsible for them”. Seriously, we will not let them happen in the same situation.

In conclusion, I know that mistakes are hard to avoid, but I also understand that a true thing, people will be more matured after their mistakes. In my opinion, nothing is completely good and no one is perfect. For me, the growth begins at the time I am able to admit my mistakes and know to forgive myself.


Thu Nguyen_9D

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