Mid-Autumn Festival is coming. Seeing moon cakes and colorful lanterns sold at many stores, I get good holiday feelings. To me, the feeling for waiting Mid-Autumn Festival coming has a special meaning because it reminds me of some very nice and sweet memories.

I remember when I was a child, I felt very happy and excited on Mid-Autumn days because like other children, I would eat moon cakes and take the lantern around the neighborhood. To me, that is really the most interesting thing!  Mid-Autumn Festival in the countryside is very wonderful, I will never forget that cool, warm and peaceful atmosphere of the countryside. On these days, my young friends and I often gathered and carried the lanterns everywhere in my hometown. Especially, these lanterns were made by our parents, so they were the most beautiful and meaningful gifts to us. I remember a Mid-Autumn Festival when it rained a little and stopped after 15 minutes. I was so excited, I hurried to carry my lantern out side, but for a while, the candlelight was turned off. I cried so vehemently and ran the house immediately. My mother gently smiled and helped me to change another candle. She said “ No problem, baby, your lantern is ok, the candle is just over melted.” I dried the tears quickly and how happy I was at that time to see the candlelight through the transparent plastic. But after, I didn’t dare to take my lantern to go out because I was afraid that that situation would  happen again. That night, the moon was more beautiful than ever. It was a little cold outside but very warm and happy in my family. We had a delicious dinner cooked by my mother, the foods my younger brother  and I really like. It was a very memorable Mid-Autumn Festival, which will never fade from my mind.

The Mid-Autumn is coming again. I am making  a new plan that I have never done before. I will make some paper boats with candles on them – “wish and hope boats”. I will put these boats in the river and let them drift along the current. It is really a nice sight to see. For me, these boats have a very special meaning, they will contain the happiness, the relaxation, the dreams and even the regrettable things like sadness. I hope the boats can bring my sadness and regrettable things far away from my heart, only the happiness and the wishes will still be sparkling in the candlelight forever.

In only a few days,  a new Mid-Autumn Festival will come. I hope I can return to my house and enjoy the Mid-Autumn Festival with my family. When I am far away from my home, “I realize that my family means everything to me” and I think you do too! Now that, I am an adult, whatever difficulties I face, I have to try my best to solve them by myself so that I can keep doing a good job at school and in life. Sometimes I am confused and I don’t know how to deal with my problems, thinking I am going to give up on everything. But, in the end, I can do it, I can get over my difficulties as my parents always are with me and give me the strength and the motivation to continue. The thing I would like to share is that “sometimes, you feel sad, tired and disappointed in life, but whenever and wherever you are, your family and your friends will be with you and support you. Keep trying your best to do your work!”

Wish all of you a great and wonderful Mid-Autumn Festival with your family and your friends!

Nguyễn Thị Thu Nguyên_9D

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