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Presented to my dear family!
To be honest, I ran out of ideas of writing something interesting about Halloween for the English Speaking Club. Up until this afternoon, the idea just came up in the speaking class of Ms. Jillian. She asked us, “Do you believe in ghosts?” Randomly, I answered, “I do.” A ghost, in my opinion, is not a disgusting and horrible creature that usually threatens and harms people like in movies or legends. I would like to tell you a real story that has not been told for a long time. It is the most unforgettable and strange dream I have ever had.

Until now, this dream is still engraved in my subconsciousness like it happened yesterday. When I was a sixteen-year-old student, my beloved paternal grandma passed away because of a serious illness. Everything seemed so bad and it was heart-breaking news for my family. However, time was good medicine to appease the pain. A few months later, I could see some smiles on my parents’ faces and my family gradually regained happiness in life. I remember that that day was a normal one but on that night, I had a very bizarre dream. In my dream, I was at my grandma’s house; the furniture and decoration was exactly the same as when she was alive. I was sitting on a plank bed and my grandparents were standing nearby. They were hand in hand and looked at me. I was bursting with joy when I saw them because I missed them so much. It was as if I had not seen them for a long time and I had many things to tell them. However, in this dream I considered them still alive.

You know, when we dream, not everything is clear and logical. Nevertheless, in my dream that time, everything seemed so real! My grandpa had passed away many years ago, when my father was a child. Even my father cannot remember his face well. To me, I just knew him by a portrait and through my father’s stories. It was like my grandfather did not know me. I just felt that he came with my grandma to visit me but we did not have anything to talk about with each other. He just stood still waiting for our conversation. After that, I saw that he led my grandma to a strange place. It was an extensive hill and there was a transparent wall. Behind that wall, it was supposed a new world. If my grandparents walked through that wall, I had a bad premonition that they would never come back again. The thought of losing them forever made me tremble with fear. I began crying and begged them to stay with me. My grandma came closer and hugged me warmly in her embrace. “I have to go sweetheart, but I am always by your side”, she said gently. And then, all I could see was my grandparents walking through that wall happily, and finally, they disappeared.

I woke up with a start and the tears still rested in my eyes. I was thoughtful and depressed. I had to accept the truth that my grandma was no longer with me, once again. My parents consoled me for my grandma’s missing. They explained that I had that queer dream just because I missed her so much. However, I felt that my grandma wanted to say goodbye as well as inform me that she was healthy and happy. I felt better and comfortable with that thought.

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