Nowadays, ghosts are still a question or a thing that are impossible to explain with science. There are many evidences proving the existence of ghosts but most of these show themselves to be unbelievable. In your daily life, whether you believe in ghosts or not, there must be some times when you are scared of things that are invisible or just coming from your mind. For those who have a weak heart but a great imagination, the space in front of their eyes can show them something that can be called another world.

In my experience, a scared feeling is caused by a lively picture that draws the thought of something specific, including sounds. At that time, you fall into a bad state and lose ability to clarify. The world in your imagination contains things such as sights, people, materials, and sounds in both memories and reality. A ghost, so real, is standing exactly like in some scary movies you watched before. In this case, you are absolutely affected by the scenes. The combination between recalling memories and using facts makes it so hard for us to deny what we are seeing. Then, everything is no longer simple when your mind is trying to understand it more clearly. The most unexpected thing leads to your thought, getting haunted.

Instead of being proud of your great imagination and using this ability to apply to your work, you are running away from it. In addition, you may share that with your friends or have some strange behaviors. People do not see what is in your mind; surely they cannot get along with your world. The distance is established from here. You become a scary person.

However, it is funny if you can save your mind a little bit in that case. There is nothing logical in what you see due to the combination of many resources. The scary picture may be colorful, but it passes. Its action is based in your mind, especially what you think or imagine. Taking control and showing your ghost who is the boss, you are free!

Đoàn Hồ Văn _ 9D

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