How do you choose to express yourself? It is nothing I can tell… It comes naturally.

No one can help us recall memories kept tightly in spaces staying somewhere in our heart. We must depend on ourselves to discover the way to find it.

Sweet memories, even bitter ones, no matter how much you try to deny and erase them, they are always the same, the same as it ever was.

Do you remember the time you walked the first step towards your first school? For me, there were so many things I could not say aloud. At that time, I was just a little child, coming into life with the help of my mother’s hand with a heart eager to discover the world around. My school was a small world to me. I could learn the letters A B C, learn how to sing, to speak and make friends with people whose faces I could not even draw in my mind now. So many friends, many faces…

In every step I took to school everyday, in the melody of the school drum, I saw my dear friends, my teachers and my beloved school. It was all about me at that time. It was just amazing and plain to see. There were so many simple things I did not think of then that I treasure very much now.

Just some years passed before I had to change schools, and I’m sure it was the same for you. New schools, new friends, new teachers, new memories came into your life. How can you open your heart to welcome them as your heart was full of memories of past things.

Can you count how many friends, even best friends passing over your life? There were so many friends you did not even know their names, or might not see them again once in a lifetime. No matter where they are now, no matter what they do, or if they still survive, you do not need to worry about that, because they are one in a million of pieces carving a perfect picture of memory that always stays in your heart.

That’s the way it is! We would have to see the time of farewell. It is important if we keep dear things in our hearts. Although the time goes by, the memories are always the same.

How can I turn back time to see my past? There is no answer. If you could find the answer, please do not be shy to tell the world about it, because you can help the world loosen the chains of the past.

Dear things are not only in your past, but also in your present. You are a student now, you have new friends, new teachers, and a new beloved school. It is just like you had when you were six, but the time you were six was the past. What you have to do now is treasure what you’ve got. The past is just the past. Memories are just like that. You have to keep them deep in your heart, live your life to welcome the new things coming into you.

Minh Thuận_9NH

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