“Hey, Van! You passed the exam and now you will be a student in An Giang University” – I was a boy of 18 when my friend told me.

I was born in Long Xuyen city and I have lived here all of my life. Every part of this city is like me, some noise in the peace. People live and die very normally, the circle we are going to finish; I used to wonder if it was nonsense. I have no answer but one solution, expressing more and feeling more. Starting this way, I think, my life might be more meaningful. There have been many changes in my thoughts through the days I am a student.

“What a huge school!” A little boy in secondary school uniform could not hold his surprise. That kid was me, six years ago in an English class, which was held by the Foreign Language Center of AGU. I, at that time, was very short and not even able to touch some leaves of trees in the school. Too small for this big campus, I saw all giants walking around me in a hurry. Being quite young and silly, I thought that there was no way to be the same size like the teachers and students here. Fortunately, I can be proud of myself because I am also a giant now in the eyes of some children, who have the same thoughts as I used to. AGU in my first memories was a strange place that had many questions waiting for me to answer.

A fastidious boy I was at the age of 18. There were not many things about AGU I liked. Many students of AGU went to school by bicycle. Their clothes were not fashionable and looked rustic. “We want what we do not have and we have what we do not want” is a popular statement in daily life and I really got through it. I became a student of AGU. When taking my first steps in school as a new student, the memories appeared in front of me, clear as crystal, of the kid I was. I laughed. In a while, I thought, AGU somehow was a one of my favorite places. It seemed the destiny forming through the years in my mind. From that moment, I was ready to be an AGU student.

“Van, how are you?” – A low voice coming from an aged man. Sitting in a bench near the block C, I turned my eyes to the familiar sound and that was my teacher. Big glasses covering deep eyes, he looked strict and composed. With a sincere smile, he sat next to me and started a friendly conversation.

After the conversation, I walked out the campus of AGU, saying goodbye to my teacher, my emotions growing slowly. Students were playing sports with plain smiles. Warm and comfortable, the sunshine‘s arms hugging me told me exactly what I thought. The definition of beauty in them, the teachers and students, was simple. It is to love and to be loved. People here are normal, very normal and I can see myself in them. The candor and fervor, they are special.


Đoàn Hồ Văn _ 9D

  • Vân M.K _35AV

    when i read your conversation,i associate to me anh i have your emotion,too!Maybe that's the first student's emotion...your conversation is really very well and grad...^^!