Wow, time flies! The semester comes to an end, and the examination is just few weeks ahead. I guess that you have many tasks as well as assignments to complete. Do not worry much about them! Let’s book a seat in the ESC this weekend, relax and refresh your mind before the challenging examination.

The English Speaking Club’s topic “Green Planet” will bring you lots of amazing and exciting experience.

You can check your ability in… classifying trashes (do not worry and hesitate to join in because all of the trashes are definitely clean!) Moreover, you will have a chance to show off your moves as a real dancer on the dancing guide’s activity. Your stress or tiredness will be blown away with the funny skit. The skit is about a wife recruiting of a “worm” prince in the Flower’s Kingdom. Wow, does it sounds so cool?! Let’s see who the brightest candidate is! Besides, do not forget to vote for your favorite costumes that are made from garbage or natural materials in the fashion show.

Also, you can share your ideas with your friends about real situations of the environment in the discussion part. Maybe you can find out some proper solutions to recover the pollution and make the earth a better place! Furthermore, many gifts from ESC are waiting for the students who have the best questions and answers. Feel free to show your thoughts because we welcome all of your ideas.

Let’s discover lots of fascinating surprises at ESC this time.

We will try our best to bring you a final special ESC in this semester. So, do not hesitate to join the English Speaking Club and enjoy an unforgettable night.



Minh Nguyen_9D

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