How to Learn Any Language in 3 Months

Thứ Bảy, 27 Tháng Ba 2010 18:07

Language learning, or developing practical fluency in a target language, need not be complicated. Principles of cognitive neuroscience and time management can be incorporated to provide a simple set of discrete steps that lead to conversational fluency in 1-3 months.

April Fools’ Day

Thứ Bảy, 27 Tháng Ba 2010 16:57

Do you know anything about the April Fool Day? April 1 is the April Fools' Day. Nobody knows where or when it started. Some people believe it started in France in the 1500s. Some think it started long ago in Italy.


Thứ Ba, 09 Tháng Ba 2010 21:39

Starring Nikki Blonsky, Zac Efron, John Travolta and Michelle Pfeiffer This movie has it all! The characters sing and dance! They fall in love!


Thứ Ba, 09 Tháng Ba 2010 21:32

From folk stories to modern tales, the role of woman, especially the mother, is of great love. In life, there are many times we see mothers carrying babies on their backs while working. Our mothers share the load with fathers in their daily struggles.

Women’s charm

Thứ Ba, 09 Tháng Ba 2010 21:22

For me, “women” are a gift which God sent to this world. They are very special, pure, and beautiful, and no words can describe them. Vietnamese women are more special. Their beauty is not only shown in their body but also in their soul, their personality. Men all over the world say to their friends that “If you want to find a good wife, you should come to Viet Nam. Vietnamese women are the best for you.”

The Woman of My Heart

Thứ Ba, 09 Tháng Ba 2010 21:16

You – the first woman who appeared in my life and gave me the sweet milky way and tender care. “MOM!”The first word I learned to say and loved to say. Thank you for being in my life and brightening my way with your unlimited love.

Women of the past and the present

Thứ Ba, 09 Tháng Ba 2010 21:09

As a whole, in the previous century the women in almost all the countries in the world were considered inferior to men in all respects. Women were always in a position inferior to men.

Vietnamese beauty

Thứ Ba, 09 Tháng Ba 2010 21:01

Vietnamese women. Deep in their eyes is hidden the beauty of their home country. Gently speaking and moving, they suggest pictures of a simple life without lacking the deep emotion of human beings.

The greatest woman in my heart

Thứ Ba, 09 Tháng Ba 2010 20:54

“Mom, I love you!” I am sure that everyone will completely agree with this sentence because they also love their mother very much. I would just like to share with you something about my mom, some feelings from the heart of a daughter for her mother.

How to learn a new language 1 week before your trip

Thứ Sáu, 05 Tháng Ba 2010 09:59

Speaking a bit of the local language is a skill that will improve your travel experience immeasurably. The problem is that learning languages is really, really difficult, even when you have plenty of time. Here are my tips on taking a crash course in the basics of a language when your departure date looms very near. You just need ten or fifteen minutes a day to give yourself a bit of an advantage in the traveling stakes.