The Severity of Her Deafness

Thứ Năm, 07 Tháng Giêng 2010 00:03

A concerned husband went to a doctor to talk about his wife.He says to the doctor, "Doctor, I think my wife is deaf because she never hears me the first time and always asks me to repeat things."

Sand and Stone

Thứ Tư, 06 Tháng Giêng 2010 23:26

A story tells that two friends were walking through the desert. During some point of the journey they had an argument, and one friend slapped the other one in the face. The one who got slapped was hurt, but without saying anything, wrote in the sand: "TODAY MY BEST FRIEND SLAPPED ME IN THE FACE."

How To Learn English!

Thứ Hai, 04 Tháng Giêng 2010 10:49

Here are some tips which may help you to master the English Language!

Eagles In A Storm

Thứ Hai, 04 Tháng Giêng 2010 09:24

Did you know that an eagle knows when a storm is approaching long before it breaks?

The Rose Within

Thứ Hai, 04 Tháng Giêng 2010 08:37

A certain man planted a rose and watered it faithfully and before it blossomed, he examined it.

The Use of Fly

Thứ Hai, 28 Tháng Mười Hai 2009 23:17

Two women talked with each other. The first one complained of her servant:

Pronunciation Tips

Thứ Hai, 28 Tháng Mười Hai 2009 22:31

These English pronunciation tips will help you get the most out of your Pronunciation Power program.

The Ten Best Vocabulary Learning Tips

Thứ Hai, 28 Tháng Mười Hai 2009 01:03

Vocabulary Learning Tip One: Read, Read, Read! Most vocabulary words are learned from context. The more words you're exposed to, the better vocabulary you will have. While you read, pay close attention to words you don't know. First, try to figure out their meanings from context. Then look the words up. Read and listen to challenging material so that you'll be exposed to many new words.

I Cannot Read

Thứ Hai, 28 Tháng Mười Hai 2009 00:42

At the eye glasses store, the shopkeeper helped a man choose and try a lot of glasses. The shopkeeper asked:

André Trương Trọng Thi

Thứ Hai, 28 Tháng Mười Hai 2009 00:16

André Trương Trọng Thi (1936-2005) was a Vietnamese-French engineer. He is considered to be the "father of the personal computer" for creating the Micral microcomputer based on an Intel 8008 processor in 1973.