Simple with easy-to-understand concepts, and deeply profound, this book is sure to bring smiles to everyone who reads it. Sarah Ford is a publisher, writer, and lover of all things bright and beautiful. She is one of those writers with a straightforward writing style who has written thousands of books on a variety of subjects. She lives in the Cotswolds but works in London, riding her unicorn back and forth. When she is not working, you will find her chasing a little toddler, a cat, and numerous hens around her garden; she lives a relaxed imaginative life similarto how she soars into her own fairy books.


A book with simple syntax phrases, each page is only a few sentences long, but the message, or the quotation that seems to be more meaningful than we believe is simply a children's book with just a glance, but for the record it only took me 10 minutes to read and reflect because this is a small book.

The work is composed in an exaggerated manner around a magnificent unicorn that lives in his world with all of his buddies. The book's design is only palm-sized which is very cute consideringI am also a person with a small hand; moreover with a minor photo-centric orientation; all pages are faithful to the essence of the unicorn-themed book, with the brilliant colors of the rainbow covering the whole page. Perhaps the juvenile appearance appeals to many youngsters because of its readability, as well as the really intriguing tale surrounding the existence of this fascinating and unusual creatures. Furthermore, because of the simplicity and few words, they may be pretty good initial steps for Vietnamese friends to start reading books in their second language, and if I have to guess, the book is just about 200–300 words for the entire book, and maybe you can learn something more from the light, basic things.

The main content brings even more cute and intimate things closer to the readers. The words are not fancy; they are straight to the point. Here are some of the sentences that made an impression on me: “an ostrich just did not work for unicorns," with a picture of a unicorn wearing the shaggy fur of the ostrich species, with an annoyed face and an inappropriate appearance. It is like a prime example for young people these days trying to get into a box with one faceand one outfit that does not suit them. You just live once, so be the version that you are proud of, not the version that others want you to be. Do not try to blend in with the crowd and forget about yourself, the things that seem eccentric, the flaws that you thought were ugly when you were young. After you are mature enough, you will realize that it is who you are and that it is your very own beauty. " Being different could be hard, but unicorns embrace it. "The more you want to hide it, the more obvious it will become. That is what I have learned after years of trying to fit in and becoming an invisible copycat in the crowd.

Furthermore, I also have a male friend who likes pink and likes cute things despite the derogatory words from other boys. I also felt he was weird the first time we met, but now I realize that he is a minority and dares to live for themselves.

Next, sometimes do not let anyone have the right to distort your opinions and ideas about a person or thing, because no matter how hard you try, some problems or some people you have met, and realized that your comment about them is absolutely right, even if it is not the majority opinion, or if it is just the first time

you meet them, it is okay to hold those views, like "Unicorn tried really hard not to judge a book by its cover." I am also an example. There are some people who I just need to meet once, whom I do not like, and I want to stay away from them as muchas possible. My friends always tell me to open my heart, and I also tried, but, as expected, I hate that person even more.

However, remember not to despise everyone around you. Keep smiling and staying positive and do not be afraid to praise someone when they do something well or simply their presence, like "the unicorn who went around complimenting everyone," because maybe your accidental compliment one day can light up someone's day.  

Finally, "Unicorn had a can-do attitude," another saying I quite like, and it is also described in simple words. I laughed when I read this line, because my personality is that if I want, I do. However, dare to push yourself out of your comfort zone. It is easy to say but difficult to do. This sentence is just as motivating as readers who read reviews to try to find a book about which they are curious. No one can force you but yourself, so slow down and go at your own pace. You have a lifetime to reach your goal, but at least try to get out of your comfort zone, even if it is only by 1 cm.

In conclusion, the entire book is a journey back to childhood, as well as a realization that you are being fulfilled in the present because you have already learned the lessons before this book; furthermore, showing us how much we have grown. I strongly advise anyone who has never read an English book or has difficulty understanding English phrases to try reading this book. Because it not only has a wide range of paintings and colors, but it also lets you realize things that appear too easy but that you have never considered or done. Always be like this unicorn, someone that people look at and cannot believe you are real.

Quốc Huy - DH19TA1

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